Saturday, January 28, 2023

Hillary Clinton Makes A Strange Comparison…

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( – While many Americans watched Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stand before a joint meeting of Congress on Wednesday and demand that struggling Americans cough up billions more dollars to fund his conflict with Russia, Hillary Clinton sat inundated with inspiration, claiming Zelenskyy reminded folks of the great and eloquent former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

As is so often the case with liberals, Clinton was impressed not so much by the substance of the speech, but by Zelenskyy’s ability to touch “all the chords” and elicit from viewers all the warm, fuzzy feels at Christmastime.

“I thought it was extraordinary,” Clinton gushed to CNN’s Anderson Cooper on “360” following the speech. “It was, as others have said, rousing and inspiring. It also touched all the chords. It connected the struggle of Ukrainian people to our own revolution, to our own feelings that we want to be warm in our homes to celebrate Christmas and to get us to think about all the families in Ukraine that will be huddled in the cold and to know that they are on the front lines of freedom right now.”

“They’re fighting,” Clinton continued. “Their cause is our cause.”

It’s a point Zelenskyy made quite clear to Americans.

Don’t think, as you battle inflation and as the crisis at the U.S. border with Mexico reaches critical mass, that you are being charitable with your taxpayer dollars, said Zelenskyy. What you are actually doing instead of buying expensive gifts for your family this holiday season is investing in democracy.

“I would like to thank you, thank you very much, thank you for both financial packages you have already provided us with and the ones you may be willing to decide on,” Zelenskyy stated. “Your money is not charity. It’s an investment in the global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way.”

As BizPac Review has reported, Zelenskyy met with President Joe Biden in the White House before addressing Congress.

The Biden administration’s latest $1.8 billion gift to Ukraine will, for the first time, include a Patriot missile battery and precision-guided bombs for the nation’s fighter jets.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov stated just prior to Zelenskyy’s speech that more Western weapons in Ukraine “leads to an aggravation of the conflict and, in fact, does not bode well for Ukraine.”

But, according to Clinton, the Congressressional response has been “positive,” so it’s all good.

“I was thrilled to see the very positive response from the Congress,” she told Cooper. “I also thought that the meeting between President Zelenskyy and President Biden was substantive and very positive, along with their press conference. It could not have been a better day for him, but more importantly, as he pointed out, a better day for the people of Ukraine and for the cause of democracy and freedom.”

“This was historic,” she continued. “Some people have compared it to Winston Churchill, who came 81 years ago and basically asked that the United States continue to stand with them after we’d been attacked, and we did. So, there were a lot of points that Zelenskyy made that were quite resonant with any of us who know how hard our own struggle for freedom and the cost that we’ve paid to defend it over all these years actually has been.”

Many GOP lawmakers beg to differ with the former secretary of state.

“It is not charity,” tweeted Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.). “Charity would be given freely. The American taxpayers have been conscripted into making welfare payments to this foreign government.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said the money for Ukraine “is the definition of America Last.”

“President Zelenskyy should be commended for putting his country first, but American politicians who indulge his requests are unwilling to do the same for ours,” Gaetz said in a tweeted statement. “Hemorrhaging billions of taxpayer dollars for Ukraine while our country is in crisis is the definition of America Last.”

“He did not change my stance on suspending aid for Ukraine and investigating fraud in transfers already made,” Gaetz added.

Republican Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert demanded a “full audit” of the money Americans have already ponied up for Ukraine.

“Sadly, what I didn’t hear tonight was a clear explanation of where the first 50 billion dollars we sent to support their efforts went,” she said. “Until Congress receives a full audit on where our money has gone, I will not support sending additional money to this war.”

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