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Hillary Clinton Faced Ridicule For Her Attempt To Troll Republicans…

( – Former first lady Hillary Clinton is trolling Republicans over their ongoing political war with Disney, posting an old photo of herself, Bill Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton posing with Donald Duck.

“As Republicans declare war on Disney, I know whose side I’m on…,” the caption read.

Hillary Clinton and Disney CEO Bob Iger are political allies, with Iger having hosted fancy Hollywood fundraisers for Clinton’s 2016 presidential run, which she ultimately lost to President Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton’s tweet erroneously states Republicans declared war on Disney when in fact it was Disney that threw the first punch last year when it caved to a small group of radical-left employees who demanded the company publicly condemn Florida’s anti-grooming legislation, the Parental Rights in Education law.

DeSantis took on Disney when the company intervened in the passing of a parents’ rights bill that banned sexual instruction in K-3 grades. Not only did Disney say the bill “should never have passed and should never have been signed into law,” but the company vowed to actively engage in overturning the law.

Smeared by the mainstream media as “Don’t Say Gay,” the law protects the youngest children from transgender ideology and other forms of radical gender and sexual indoctrination by schools.

The Walt Disney Co. promised to continue to fight the law even after it was passed, calling it a “challenge to basic human rights.”

In response, DeSantis set forth to strip Disney’s control of a special district granted back in the 60s that allowed the company to essentially govern itself, explaining that the time had come to establish a level playing field since Disney’s competitors did not share the same advantage. Disney tried to pull a fast one when the outgoing district board it controlled passed an agreement that lets it retain most of its power for the foreseeable future.

On Tuesday, Gov. DeSantis detailed Florida’s response to that play and shared this message on Twitter: “Disney’s sloppy and futile attempt to subvert the will of the Legislature and Floridians was uncovered by our state oversight board and their 11th hour agreements will be nullified by the Legislature. Disney’s corporate kingdom is over.”

The popular Republican governor’s rapid response team also responded to Hillary Clinton’s jab, tweeting: “Is that because it’s the only theme park that lets Bill in?”

And they were not alone, other twitter users roasted Hillary as well.


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