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Heckler Exposes Obama

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Former President Barack Obama was heckled Wednesday during a rally in Phoenix for Democrats in Arizona. 

Obama was stumping for Sen. Mark Kelly and Katie Hobbs, who are respectively in close races for Senate and governor, and talking about the economic impact the coronavirus pandemic had on American families and communities when he was interrupted by a heckler.

The heckler pointed out an inconvenient truth to Obama during his Wednesday rally in support of Democratic candidates in Arizona.

Conservative social media personality Drew Hernandez reminded Obama that gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs has been held liable for discrimination against a former black employee in two civil discrimination lawsuits.

Hernandez filmed the stunt and even got a response from the 44th President himself.

At one point, the former president claimed Republicans want “an economy that’s very good for folks at the very top, but not always so good for ordinary people.”

“Like you, Obama!” Hernandez yelled.

Obama responded, “Are you gonna start yelling?”

“You have to be polite and civil when people are talking…set up your own rally. A lot of people worked hard for this. Come on, man,” he added.

In a tweet, Hernandez shared the video of the moment and wrote, “Today I called out [Obama] for supporting [Hobbs], a woman running for AZ Gov who has a history of discriminating against BLACK PEOPLE at the Democrats Rally here in PHX.

“Democrat supporters unleashed screaming in my face and deported me from the rally,” he added.

As he was being escorted from the room, Hernandez repeatedly said, “Katie Hobbs discriminates against Black people!”

One attendee was seen yelling in his face telling him to “shut up.”

“The Democrats are deporting me again,” Hernandez said.

The conservative influencer is referring to two different jury decisions in which ex-Arizona Senate Democrats aide Talonya Adams was ultimately awarded $2.75 million (capped at $300,000) from the state of Arizona as compensation for Hobbs’ discrimination, according to KPNX-TV.

Hobbs was the party’s Senate Minority Leader at the time.

Hobbs was accused of underpaying Adams, a black woman, in the discrimination case. After Adams brought up a pay inequity between her and other employees, Hobbs was one of several Arizona legislators who decided to fire her.


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