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Health Aide Takes On Media & CDC

( – Michael R. Caputo, a senior health adviser within the Trump administration, took to Facebook to voice his concerns about the handling of COVID-19 on Sunday, September 13. His post accused CDC scientists and the news media of caring more about denigrating President Donald Trump than providing effective public health solutions. He also described how he and his family had suffered threats and harassment from people who have since been prosecuted for these offenses. 

In the now-deleted video, Caputo expressed his support for President Trump, encouraging voters to continue attending his election rallies as long as they wear masks. Caputo also explained the toll the job had taken on his health and voiced fears for his own safety amid growing hostility from figures on the Left. He went so far as to speculate about the possibility of “armed insurrection” by radical Liberals. 

With cities across the United States still under siege from violent left-leaning organizations, this concern should not come as any surprise. As a result, many of those impacted by the riots are backing Trump.

Unsurprisingly, Caputo’s statements have been widely dismissed by the mainstream media. However, they should give us all pause for thought about some of the people that currently pull the strings of power in these United States.

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