Friday, February 3, 2023

Harley Rouda Models at a California Oil Disaster Site

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( – California recently experienced an oil spill off the coast of Orange County. Over 144,000 gallons of crude oil leaked into the ocean. Harley Rouda, a Democratic candidate for California’s 48th District as a US Representative, may use it as a way to win the seat in the coming 2022 election. 

The Spill

According to experts, the spill could take months to clean up and cost millions of dollars. The last major oil spill California experienced, back in 2015, was only around 101,000 gallons and took months to clean. The effort cost over $69 million. Typically the company that’s responsible for the spill is the one that bears the bill; in this case, it’s Houston-based Amplify Energy. In some cases, the federal government has to pay, and even the public. 


You can never let a good disaster go to waste. At least that’s what some politicians believe, losing no time to politicize a tragedy. In this case, it reignited calls from California lawmakers to block any federal gas or oil production from their shores. The spill, of course, comes during a period when Democrats are attempting to push an infrastructure bill that would begin a moratorium on federal gas and oil leasing in the Gulf of Mexico and off the West Coast. 

The current US Representative presiding over California’s 48th District, Michelle Steel (R-CA), hasn’t given in to the pressure of the moratorium. Instead, she’s been calling on the president to issue a disaster declaration. Harley Rouda (D) barely lost his seat to Steel in the 2020 election but looks to take it back in 2022. There’s a good chance he may use the disaster as leverage in his campaign and as a way to push his radical policies if he wins.

Not Taking It Seriously

While it’s true Rouda looks to take back his former position and potentially use the spill as a way to achieve his goal, he doesn’t seem to be too serious about it. The 59-year-old visited the site of the spill, which isn’t a bad move — but he decided it was a good idea to have a photoshoot during his visit. 

The politician even used different focuses to make his photos more dramatic. He indicated that he visited the site to assess the damage, calling it devastating. Still, he had time to stop and pose for pictures, likely for his campaign. Might not exactly be the work of someone genuinely looking to make a change. 

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