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Hackers Gain Access to Thousands of Surveillance Cameras

( – Surveillance cameras are now commonplace across America. Schools, hospitals, businesses, and even private homes use them to promote security and deter burglars or other criminals. However, this layer of protection doesn’t come without risks.

On Tuesday, March 9, Bloomberg published a report about a hack on Silicon Valley startup Verkada Inc. The cloud-based surveillance firm has over 150,000 cameras installed in office, school, prison, law enforcement, and hospital buildings across the United States. Among its clients are software giant Cloudflare Inc. and Elon Musk’s electric car manufacturer, Tesla. Hackers managed to compromise surveillance footage from both these companies.

A spokesperson for the hacking group said they were motivated by “curiosity,” the fight for “freedom of information,” and an opposition to capitalism. They also remarked that it was “just too much fun not to do it.”

As noted in the tweet above, it’s ironic that our quest for security might actually be exposing us to unforeseen risks. This episode should give us all pause for thought when it comes to surveillance equipment and its “security.”

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