Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Govt Shutdown Averted? Pelosi and Mnuchin Make Deal

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( – There’s a lot of craziness going on in the US right now. We’re still fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, dealing with a recession, and watching riots unfold in the city streets. The last thing we need on top of all of that is a government shutdown.

Thankfully, leaders in both the Democratic Party and the White House seem to agree.

On Thursday, September 3, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin managed to find common ground on this important issue. The pair brokered a deal to produce a clean, short-term measure to keep the government open at the end of the month. This is essential given the fact that the country is in recovery right now. 

Mnuchin first revealed that he was open to working with Pelosi in the issue back on September 1, telling a House Subcommittee that he and the president “want to move forward with more fiscal response.” He also showed strong support for bipartisan cooperation.

Negotiations like these often struggle because Democrats pile on controversial “policy riders” to funding bills. This time, however, Republicans and the White House are making sure they aren’t allowed to complicate matters without just cause.

Upcoming Election Forces Dems to Compromise

Democrats may be more willing to pass a clean continuing resolution (CR) this time for a very specific reason. They don’t want a shutdown to affect their chances of winning the presidential election in November. As for whether this ploy will work … that remains to be seen. 

While Pelosi and Mnuchin have reached a tentative agreement on funding, talks on a coronavirus relief package have stalled. They were not a part of this negotiation.

The GOP and Democrats have yet to reveal just how long the new CR will remain in place, but it’ll likely last until at least December. Congress will have to pass another short-term deal when they return in the new year.

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