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Governor Blasts Biden’s Hypocrisy After Latest Decision

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Despite the havoc COVID-19 has caused, the pandemic has offered some limited benefits. It has opened up the possibility of remote work for many people, and it has illustrated the importance of community and interdependence in times of struggle. It has also done a stellar job of highlighting political hypocrisy. Remember Gavin Newsom’s maskless dinner and Nancy Pelosi’s illegal hairdo?

The latest leader to fall victim to this phenomenon is none other than the man in the Oval Office. 

Earlier this year, the Biden administration decided that no fireworks display would take place at Mount Rushmore on July 4th this year, citing concerns about the pandemic as well as environmental factors. However, Joe Biden fully intends to have a celebration of the event at the White House.

On Tuesday, June 15, South Dakota’s Republican Governor Kristi Noem slammed Biden for this decision, calling him a “hypocrite.” In the context of these plans, Noem announced that South Dakota intends to apply to host a July 4 event at Mount Rushmore again on July 3.

Noem initially sued the administration over this issue in April, claiming officials made no attempt to “quantify or otherwise characterize” the risks the event at Mount Rushmore would have posed. More than 1,000 guests are expected to attend the White House event.

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