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Gosar’s Tweet Protected by the First Amendment…Momentarily

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Since Twitter banned former President Donald Trump from the platform, social media censorship has run rampant, especially when it comes to conservative posters. The latest move by the company was to flag a tweet by Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ).

On November 7, Gosar posted a parody of the opening credits for the Attack on Titan anime series depicting Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) as a monster with himself as a character attacking and killing her. It also took aim at President Joe Biden and illegal immigrants.

The 62-year-old congressman’s actions are under scrutiny by many observers, but the tweet maintains First Amendment protections.

Twitter seemed, at least for a moment, to observe this protection. The social media giant placed a label on the tweet warning about the content but did not remove it from the platform. The company did note the post violates its policies regarding hateful content.

AOC responded to the video by stating it is representative of Gosar’s white supremacist views. The anime short also didn’t sit well with many of AOC’s Democratic colleagues, who called it distasteful and disturbing. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi labeled the post a threat of violence and implored the House Ethics Committee and law enforcement to initiate investigations.

Twitter eventually removed the tweet after users mass reported it, but Gosar was quick to respond with yet another post:

Whether he might have violated policies for members of Congress is up for debate, but Gosar broke no criminal laws. Protecting free speech requires standing up for all speech, even that which may be in bad taste.

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