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GOP Traitor Nominated for Key Role By Joe Biden

( – The term “RINO”, or “Republican in Name Only,” refers to a GOP candidate who relies on the party name to win favor with voters, but does not truly espouse the conservative principles associated with Republicans. Some political historians propose that the first modern RINO was President Theodore Roosevelt, who often found himself at odds with the core Republican party. 

Roosevelt was a respected statesman, but RINO status isn’t something any Conservative wants. Nonetheless, it appears former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake is about to benefit hugely from his choice to stray from the party. On Tuesday, July 13, the White House announced that Flake was set to become the next US Ambassador to Turkey.

Flake has been one of the biggest GOP critics of former President Donald Trump and his supporters. He’s been quoted as saying there’s “no future” for the Republican party while Trump is involved with it. In February of this year, he complained that the “fever” of Trumpism was going away at a “really slow” pace.

The Biden administration will try to frame this appointment as an effort at bipartisanship. However, given Flake’s outspoken opposition to Trump, it’s clearly just another political play against the 45th president and his followers. 

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