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GOP Senator Disgusted By Barr Hearing

( – Attorney General William Barr testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee on July 28 — it was a mess. Democrats showed little interest in actually wanting answers to legitimate questions, instead using the time to grandstand and attack him. One senator is speaking out about the hearing and he’s not happy.

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) spoke to Fox News, saying he had to turn the hearing off because “it was triggering [his] gag reflex.” The elder statesman accused the Democrats of an “attempted persecution” of Attorney General Barr. The only thing they managed to prove, Kennedy said, was the head of the DOJ is “out of their control.” 

The whole charade was a joke. Fortunately, Barr handled the entire hearing like the pro he is, even getting some zingers in. 

Democratic lawmakers tried their best to knock Barr down, but he withstood their attacks. Trump has faced the same attacks from the Left and stared them down as well. It’s no wonder the president likes his attorney general so much. Barr proved he isn’t going to let anyone deter him from doing his job as the head of the DOJ.

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