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GOP Poll Reveals Key Advantage Party Has

( – With the GOP currently not in power in either chamber of Congress or the White House, it’s easy to forget the party’s influence. Yet, a recent poll revealed that the Republican Party has some key advantages, and the information could impact their performance heading into the upcoming midterm elections.

On October 6, Gallup released a poll that indicates Republicans might do better than Democrats regarding prosperity and security, both serious issues. The findings reveal 54% of voters find the GOP has the upper hand at protecting the nation from international threats over their Democratic counterparts. Meanwhile, only 39% believe the Democrats are the superior party on the issue. 

When the subject shifted to the nation’s prosperity, Republicans still overtook Democrats, but not by as much as they did with security. The GOP led their political rivals by nine percentage points, coming in at 50% compared to the Democrats’ 41%. Still, the number is well above the four-point margin of error. 

In regard to which party holds the lead at prioritizing issues and dealing with them, numbers were much closer. According to the poll, 41% believe Republicans are more effective as opposed to the 38% who believe the Democrats do a better job.

Gallup conducted the poll between September 1 and September 17, with 1,005 people surveyed, all living in the United States. 

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