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Google Now Controlling Tech Development for the Government

( – Public skepticism about the influence of big tech firms has been on the rise for some time now. However, it has yet to result in them losing any of their power. On Thursday, October 15, Google and the Department of Energy (DOE) jointly announced a new partnership that will see the tech firm take an active role in government operations.

The scheme will see the DOE use Google’s software for a range of purposes over five years. 

Government agents will employ the Google Cloud framework to predict energy requirements in different areas and enable a wider rollout of sustainable power solutions. Under the terms of the deal, the government will also have access to Google Professional Services. The financial particulars of the arrangement have not been announced to the public.

The tools Google has to offer are undoubtedly powerful and should be useful to the Department of Energy. However, at a time when tech companies are dominating the corporate world, it’s worth asking whether it’s a good idea to invite them into government as well.

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