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Google Fined for Taking Down Video of Anti-Lockdown Patriots

( – In recent months, it’s become increasingly clear that Big Tech is unafraid to push its agenda when it comes to COVID-19. Last month, Facebook had to reverse its ban on content related to the lab leak theory when experts revealed it could well be accurate. Now, it appears Google is guilty of a similar act of censorship.

During the week of July 13, a court in Dresden, Germany fined the tech giant €100,000 (around $118,000) for removing a YouTube video showing an anti-lockdown protest in Switzerland. The video, which a German user uploaded, was deleted near the end of January. The platform was directed to restore the video immediately, but did not do so for several weeks, which was the reason for the “historically high fine.”

Critics have noted that what Google did in Germany would’ve been legal under American laws. Governments around the world have begun to crack down on Big Tech censorship, but the United States continues to lag behind.

Google argued that the video in question violated its misinformation policies; the court ruled against it on the grounds that these policies were not sufficiently clear for the user. This type of approach could yield benefits here in terms of ending Big Tech censorship.

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