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Gold Star Mom Invites Trump

( – It’s common knowledge that former President Trump is an advocate of the US military and lover of our men and women in uniform. Trump has always shown respect to our troops before, during and after his presidency, a courtesy some people accuse President Biden of failing to show. 

One of the 13 service members killed in the ISIS attack outside of the Kabul airport in Afghanistan was Marine Lance Corporal Kareem Nikoui. His family received a Congressional Gold Star for his actions in Afghanistan. The Marine’s mother and father both blame President Biden for the loss of their son. In contrast, the mother invited Trump to her son’s funeral.

On September 2, she posted on her Facebook page that it would be an honor to meet Trump and have him attend Lance Cpl. Nikoui’s funeral. She added that she loves Trump, and that America does as well. 

The former president responded in an email on Labor Day during his Save America PAC. Trump comforted the mother noting that the US loves her and most importantly her son. Despite that, former President Trump did not confirm whether or not he would attend the Marine’s funeral. 

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