Sunday, January 29, 2023

Ghislaine Maxwell Says Jeffrey Epstein Was Murdered…

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( – Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of British press magnate Robert Maxwell and the former girlfriend of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, is currently serving her twenty-year prison sentence for her involvement in his sex trafficking empire. Maxwell told an interviewer, in an interview that aired Monday night, that Epstein was murdered in prison, saying that he did not die by suicide, as was ruled in the official autopsy.

Jeffrey Epstein, as background for those that don’t remember, died in 2019 when he died in a New York prison cell. Given the circumstances of his death, namely his lawyers’ claim that he was positive about his legal odds, his recently being taken off suicide watch, the cameras not working, and the guards falling asleep, many online have alleged since his death that he did not kill himself.

Joining them is Maxwell, who told said “I believe that he was murdered. That statement, though it contradicts the official narrative, goes along with what a forensic pathologist that Epstein’s brother said. That pathologist, after examining Epstein’s injuries, said that the multiple fractures in his neck were “very unusual for a suicide”.

The DOJ, for its part, has not released anything, autopsy or otherwise, that suggests that Epstein was murdered in his cell rather than dying by hanging himself.

The two prison guards that claimed to have fallen asleep that night and who admitted to falsifying records regarding the night he died were charged in 2019, but the charges against them were quietly dropped in late 2021, when prosecutors dismissed the charges after the pair of guards did community service as part of a legal agreement.

Trending Politics News, giving more details about what Maxwell said in the interview and what she has had to say about other Epstein-related controversies, reports that:

In the interview, Maxwell, who is currently appealing her 2021 conviction for sex trafficking minors, stated that she regrets ever having met Epstein. She said that when they first met and began a relationship in the late 1990s, she was unaware of how “awful” he was.

During Maxwell’s high-profile trial in New York, US prosecutors were able to establish that she played a crucial role in Epstein’s scheme of luring young girls to give him massages during which he would sexually abuse them, citing her as “the key.”

In an interview that aired on Sunday, Maxwell also disputed the authenticity of a photograph from the early 2000s which shows Prince Andrew with his arm around Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s accusers. Giuffre has claimed that she was sexually trafficked by Epstein and Maxwell to the prince, the younger brother of King Charles III. She filed a sexual assault lawsuit against the prince in a US court, claiming that they had engaged in sexual activity when she was a minor.

The prince settled the lawsuit last year, avoiding a public trial. Andrew has maintained his innocence and has not been criminally charged. The photograph, said to have been taken in London in 2001, is considered crucial evidence in the case against the prince.

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