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Georgia Recount Delayed After ANOTHER Dominion Server Crash

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Dominion Voting Systems, the company that provided electronic voting equipment for a number of states for this year’s election, is suffering serious reputational damage. There’s mounting evidence the company’s machines were not fit for use in a presidential vote. Not only that, but the company’s faulty servers are now making the job of recounting ballots more difficult as well.

On Sunday, November 29, recounts in Georgia’s Fulton County had to be paused after a Dominion server crashed.

Georgia’s results were among the most controversial of all after this year’s election. According to official numbers, Joe Biden won the state, making him the first Democrat in 28 years to do so. However, Donald Trump has vehemently disputed this result, condemning the inaction of both the governor and secretary of state in Georgia in relation to the re-examination of the vote tally.

The various challenges to electoral results across the country are beginning to show how inaccurate the tallies were in certain areas. Of course, roadblocks like this one do not make unearthing the truth any easier.

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