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Fox News Host Issues Warning About Summer Under Biden Admin

( – Joe Biden passed the 100-day mark of his presidency at the end of last month, and he’s managed to make several serious fumbles in that short span of time. The situation on our border has become a full-blown catastrophe, and the economic risks of his reckless tax-and-spend measures may only be realized months or years from now. In the short term, America might be in for a rough summer.

On Saturday, May 15, Fox News contributor Jesse Watters slammed President Biden’s actions and policies during his “Watters’ World” segment. He first targeted the “labor shortage” Biden has created with his overly generous social benefits. He also speculated about the inflation that would likely result from the recent Democratic policy of printing money to fund expensive public projects.

Watters then went after the president’s energy industry policies by pointing to the fact gas now costs around $3 a gallon, a level prices never hit under Donald Trump.

Biden’s mistakes should be obvious to any reasonably intelligent person capable of unbiased thought. However, because of the poisonous groupthink that has infected the mainstream media, his shortcomings aren’t receiving anywhere near the level of coverage they should be.

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