Fox News Anchor Wants Court to Dismiss Allegations

Fox News Anchor Wants Court to Dismiss Allegations

( – Former Fox News anchor Ed Henry has pushed back against the accusations made against him in July of this year. On Monday, October 19, Henry’s legal team filed a motion to dismiss the sexual assault lawsuit he faces. 

Two women, Jennifer Eckhart and Cathy Areu, made allegations about Henry several months ago. Fox removed Henry from his position in light of their statements. Eckhart — whom Henry claims he had a consensual relationship — was an associate producer at Fox. She stated Henry handcuffed her and violently assaulted her, as well as took naked pictures of her without her consent.

Cathy Areu was a recurrent guest on Fox News, often representing Liberal viewpoints in discussions. As well as her allegations about Ed Henry, she has also accused Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Gianno Caldwell, and Howard Kurz of improper behavior. Having investigated the matter, Fox strongly denied that any of their employees had harassed or assaulted Areu in the alleged manner.

Cases like these are notoriously sensitive and difficult to assess. Until the courts have had their chance to make a judgment on the basis of the relevant facts, all analysis is mere speculation at this time. 

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