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Former Controversial Rights Group Leader Breaks His Silence About Group

( – Black Lives Matter has spent much time in the news over the last year or so. While the group’s stated aim of tackling racism in American society is a laudable one, the means BLM has used to pursue its goals have wreaked havoc across the country. Now, we have a new insight about the toxicity of Black Lives Matter from someone who was once a key member of the group. 

On Tuesday, June 1, Rashad Turner, who founded the St. Paul chapter of BLM in 2015, appeared on Fox News to discuss his choice to step away from the organization in 2017. 

Turner’s disillusionment with BLM stems from the group’s failure to focus on the improvement of education standards for black children. He pointed to the fact that the group had favored a moratorium on charter schools, which “does not support rebuilding the black family,” according to him. The “ugly truth,” Turner claimed, was that this would only present “barriers to a better education for black children.”

Turner’s comments come in the context of growing doubt about BLM and the legitimacy of its projects. We may well see more whistleblowing like this in the future.

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