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Fetterman Struggles Through Confusing Line of Questioning…

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Sen. John Fetterman continues to struggle with his thoughts and speech following a major stroke a year ago, as noted in a video clip of him during a hearing that went viral on Tuesday.

During a Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs hearing regarding the now-defunct Silicon Valley Bank, the Pennsylvania Democrat had a difficult time addressing the bank’s CEO, giving “a series of rambling, incoherent, and disjointed statements” rather than asking questions, the Western Journal reported.

The report added: “The video showed Fetterman clearly struggling to collect his thoughts. He constantly tripped over his words, repeated himself, and jumped from one disconnected thought to another. By the time he gets around to actually posing a question, it is almost impossible for the CEO to answer as the purpose of the question is unintelligible.”

The video generated a combination of mocking resentment and concern online.

“This is so sad to watch. This poor man needs to go home and try to heal. He can’t do this job. Breaks my heart that his family & the dnc would humiliate him in this way,” one Twitter user responded, referencing the Democratic National Committee.

“Oh boy ouch hard to watch kind of sad!” another wrote.

“Way to go, Democratic voters in Pennsylvania. You must be so proud,” said another account.

“He could not elicit one answer because he could not organize a cohesive sentence. Way to represent #Pennsylvania,” another noted.

“It’s sad to see John Fetterman like this. But the fate of the public should not be placed in the hands of people recovering from mental illnesses or those who are no longer able to serve in any way, like 89 years old Dianne Feinstein,” said another user.

Fetterman made his return to the Senate last month after a bout with clinical depression, and a video and photos of his appearance also quickly went viral while leading to new concerns from Republicans.

The Pennsylvania Democrat showed up in a black hoodie and shorts after six weeks of treatment for clinical depression.

The senator declined to answer any questions from the press as he entered the Capitol, which was one of the few visits since assuming office in January, Fox News reported.

“It’s great to be back. Thank you,” he repeatedly said as he walked into the building.

Several conservatives responded to Fetterman’s arrival and appearance.

“Welcome back to John Fetterman, further proof that cognition, speech comprehension, emotional balance, and even showing up for work are no longer necessary for a career in Democrat politics!” Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk noted.

Don Trump Jr can’t believe Fetterman is a Senator. “This is someone who could vote to send your children to war.”


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