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FBI Foils a Terrorist Plan in Michigan

(TheConservativeNews.org) – More often than not, when someone says terrorist, people automatically think of someone from outside of the US. However, homegrown terrorism is a real threat to public safety. Thankfully, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was able to intervene before someone got hurt. 

After someone planted bombs outside of two cell phone companies in Northern Michigan, the FBI searched for the responsible party. The terrorist planted explosives at a Cheboygan Verizon and a Sault Sainte Marie AT&T store on September 16. 

Less than a week later, the FBI found and arrested 75-year-old John Douglas Allen accusing the retired miner of planting the improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Douglas, according to the criminal complaint, was frustrated over the sharing of unethical content on cable TV and cell phones. 

If the hometown terrorist is convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison on extortion charges and attempting to damage a building. The retired miner is a Verizon customer himself and allegedly hid the pipe bombs in United States Postal Service boxes sealed with black duct tape. 

On the outside of the boxes was a warning, along with the letters “CMT,” standing for a group known as the Coalition for Moral Telecommunications. Inside the boxes were the IEDs filled with nails and metal spheres.

The terrorist group has left threatening letters to cell phone carriers around cell towers in the past. The CMT claims to have 30 people working for them and indicates they won’t stop until their demands are met and the carriers pay them $5 million. 

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