Sunday, December 4, 2022

FBI Director Brutally Questioned…

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( – At a U.S. Senate oversight hearing on Thursday, Josh Hawley (R-MO) got his chance to confront FBI director Christopher Wray about whistleblower allegations of FBI misuse of power.

Hawley highlights whistleblower claims that the FBI is trying to augment the actual domestic terrorist threat of those seen as “right-wing”.

Benny Johnson shared on Twitter part of the exchange between Hawley and Wray captioning it, “Sen. Josh Hawley leaves FBI Director Chris Wray in PANICKED silence after EXPOSING woke FBI for 2 straight minutes”.

The clip starts with Hawley, “Whistleblowers who have come forward to this body, to members of the House. The FBI has been sending more than, in one instance, more than a dozen agents to a rural Pennsylvania home of a catholic pro-life demonstrator to arrest him at gunpoint. In front of his children, in early morning hours, despite the fact that he posed no risk of violence or threat and had previously offered to turn himself in.”

“Numerous whistleblowers, field agents alleged that DC your headquarters has pulled them off of working on child sex abuse cases, working on human trafficking cases. In order to work on January 6th matters, for this reason, to give the appearance, they say, they say there are hundreds of new domestic terrorism cases in the country, when in fact there are not,” Hawley continued.

“Whistleblowers, field agents, have also said DC has ordered the use of SWAT teams on nonviolent suspects who may have attended a January 6th rally and they have been ordered to conduct surveillance and knock on doors of people who were not even in DC on January 6th. And again all of this, according to the whistleblowers, these are your agents, all of this in order to make it look as if there is a mass surge in domestic terrorism all across the country. When in fact the stats are being padded by the political directive of your office,” He added.

Hawley went on, “They also say, these whistleblowers, the DC leadership deliberately suppressed investigations into Hunter Biden, contrary to FBI procedure and have also retaliated against FBI agents and whistleblowers who have contacted Congress. Which by the way they are protected by statute to do so. THIS is what’s happening at your FBI, while you are evading oversight hearings. Mr. Director do you think you’re still up to this job?”

Wray not addressing anything Hawley laid out replies, “I absolutely think I’m still up to the job and I think our workforce feels the same way.”

Hawley quickly retorts, “Well I don’t, frankly I think you should have been gone a long time ago. And given your behavior recently, I think it only makes it more clear.” Hawley then goes on to make sure Wray won’t be dipping out on the second round of questioning as he did in August.

Hawley went on to ask Wray about that trip in August. “August 4 of this year, you were at the Senate Judiciary Committee. You remember that?” Hawley asked Wray, who responds affirmatively.

“So we had to cut that hearing short,” Hawley continued. “We were supposed to do two rounds of questions. You said you had to be somewhere so we cut it short. Republicans were not able to ask a second round of questions as we had been informed we would be.”

“you were flying on a Gulfstream jet for a personal vacation in the Adirondacks,” Hawley states. “Please tell me that’s not accurate?”

A defensive Wray responds with a different version of events. “Senator, the hearing was not cut short from my experience, we had agreed beforehand on the time and length of it,” he argues, before explaining that as Director of the FBI, he is obligated to take an FBI plane.

When asked point-blank by Hawley if he was going on vacation, Wray’s response was “I was, yes.”

Hawley goes on to describe the back-and-forth conversations that took place on that day. When Wray was asked about his cutting the hearing short by Sen. Chuck Grassley, who was very surprised to learn with such short notice of the Director’s imminent departure from the hearing, he allegedly said he had a business trip in Iowa.

It was revealed shortly after that the Iowa trip wasn’t until the following week, leaving Wray scrambling to respond.

“So you had to leave a hearing early because you’re gonna see Sen Grassley later in Iowa, in a week,” Hawley asked absurdly, to which Wray reiterated that the absence was previously agreed upon.

Hawley finishes up with a comment directed at Wray.

“You left an oversight hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, required by statute, so you could vacation with your family,” Hawley stated. “I find that absolutely unbelievable and, frankly, indefensible.”

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