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Fauci says: You Should Ask Your Guests if They’re Vaccinated Before Indoor Celebrations This Holiday Season

( – Dr. Fauci has warned that American families should consider a vaccine mandate in their own homes ahead of the holidays as fears mount over the spread of omicron variant coronavirus across the country.

Fauci made his suggestion during an interview with The Washington Post, recommending that families ask their holiday guests about COVID vaccination status and even potentially require the vaccine before celebrating.

When you’re vaccinated and have a group that is too, then it’s possible to enjoy dinner or other festivities inside, according to Fauci.

“When you get vaccinated, and you have a vaccinated group, and you are in an indoor setting, you can enjoy, as we have traditionally over the years, dinners and gatherings within the home with people who are vaccinated,” Fauci stated.

Fauci continued to say, “ and that’s the reason why people should, if they invite people over to their home, essentially ask and maybe require that people show evidence that they are vaccinated, or give their honest and good faith word that they have been vaccinated.”

Fauci cited data indicating that vaccinated patients are much less likely to hospitalize or die in the event they contract COVID.

“So, vaccinated puts you in a much different position than the extreme vulnerability of people who are not vaccinated, because all you have to do is look at the data and look at those areas of the country, those states, those communities that are under-vaccinated,” Fauci said. 

“There’s no doubt they have a much higher degree of infection, a much higher degree of hospitalization, and a much higher degree of death.”

Dr Fauci has been heavily criticized for constantly moving the goalposts on when Americans can start returning to normal life throughout COVID crisis, particularly in regards with freedom of those who are fully vaccinated.


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