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Facebook Gets Clobbered in New Poll

( – Facebook is a social media giant, with almost three billion active users, but the popularity of the platform may not reflect the true feelings of those who use it. At least, that’s the indication of a new CNN survey.

On November 10, CNN released a poll asking how US adults felt about Facebook. The results showed 11% of respondents thought it positively impacted society, while 76% expressed they believed society was worse due to its presence. Republicans felt more negative about the platform than Democrats.

These results came from people who use the platform, with 36% saying they used it every day. Yet, 53% of them wanted to see the social media site face stronger government regulations. When it came to the problem with the platform, 45% of respondents blamed the company, while 55% said other users made it a negative space.

The poll also provided more insight into why these people feel the way they do. Almost half of the poll responses said they knew someone who became a believer in conspiracy theories due to the platform. Facebook suggestions also seem to be a problem, with 54% of respondents saying the feature showed them something objectionable.

People also don’t trust big tech. Only 38% of people said they thought the company was looking out for their best interests.

The poll results aren’t too favorable for the platform. The responses could be a sign that the future of Facebook is questionable. Could there be a need to deplatform this tech giant on the horizon?

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