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ESPN Removes Reporter After Exposing Network

( – Ah, cancel culture. As soon as enough time passes after the last witch hunt that you start to forget about it, it rears its ugly head again. “The Mandalorian” star Gina Carano was the last high-profile figure to suffer its wrath; Disney gave her the boot when her social media posts got too controversial for the company’s liking. This time, it’s the turn of ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols.

In July 2020, Nichols accidentally recorded herself on a call with her friend Adam Mendelsohn (who’s best-known as LeBron James’ PR advisor). In the recording, which was recently leaked and reported on by the New York Times, Nichols bemoaned the fact ESPN was reneging on a contract it had with her in order to give the role to Maria Taylor, another ESPN host who is black. While wishing her colleague the best, Nichols (who is white) complained that the network was only giving Taylor the job in order to improve its “crappy longtime record on diversity.” Mendelsohn, for his part, said he was “exhausted” by the conversation around diversity.

Now, Nichols is suffering the consequences of her problematic opinion. On Tuesday, July 6, ESPN announced she would not be involved in the coverage of this year’s NBA finals.

Mendelsohn and Nichols both offered apologies for what they said; given the lucrative careers at stake for both, of course, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, the statements they thought were private have highlighted an interesting fact: some media elites are just as sick of the endless chatter about diversity as normal people are.

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