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Entitled Migrants Refuse To Leave Luxury Hotel…

( – Border crossers, who arrived in New York City on buses from Texas, are refusing to leave a luxury Manhattan hotel that city officials had placed them in.

Over the weekend, city officials sought to move migrants out of the Watson Hotel in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan and to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal where Mayor Eric Adams has constructed a massive shelter for new arrivals.

Many of the border crossers staying at the Watson Hotel, paid for by taxpayers, are refusing to leave and have instead set up a homeless encampment outside the hotel. There, they are demanding the city “cancel rent” and provide them with “permanent homes.”

Fox News host Jesse Watters described it Monday by saying, “The city is trying to send them to a different taxpayer-funded shelter. But they got used to a life of luxury. The hotel they are in now has a pool, gym, TVs, dry cleaning, a restaurant, bar and lounge. They don’t want to go somewhere that doesn’t have those types of amenities.”

According to an unidentified man outside the hotel, seemingly speaking on behalf of the aliens, “So the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal is a large structure. It’s not meant to be inhabited. It is 1,000 beds, beds made out of hard material. There is no space for personal belongings, if you have personal belongings you have to put them in a locker that’s out of your control. There’s only four bathrooms for 1,000 men, which is unsustainable. For anybody who is working, it’s in an isolated part of the city, away from where many of them work and it’s cold.”

That same man would go on to detail, “The longer term solution is that — to reallocate funding from overfunded departments like the NYPD into housing vouchers and other programs that get people into permanent, stable housing.” In other words, open the border and defund the police, a move that would only further exacerbate the rising crime.


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