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Elephant Attacks Victim Over Innocent Mistake

( – Anyone experienced with romance should know how frustrating it is to see someone else end up with the object of your desire. There’s often little you can do other than look on glumly and wait for the next person of interest to come along. Of course, in the animal kingdom, there’s another option: take your rival out by force.

That’s what one resident of Thailand’s Khao Yai National Park tried to do recently, but he made an unfortunate mistake. The bull elephant was looking for food when he came across what he thought was another elephant but was, in fact, a realistic sculpture of one. The real elephant angrily approached the monument and stood in front of it for a few moments before knocking it to the ground.

Handlers reckon the live elephant mistook the model for a romantic rival over whom he needed to show dominance.

Asian bull elephants roam alone for life, only entering herds when the time comes to mate. Their African cousins, on the other hand, remain in herds for their whole lives.

Officials now intend to move the model elephant to a safer location within the park. One can only hope he’s learned his lesson, and will refrain from starting fights in the future.

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