Early Voting Shows No Massive “Blue Wave” Coming

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(TheConservativeNews.org) – With the unrest 2020 has brought and Joe Biden’s strong performance in many polls, Democrats have been confident coming into the twilight of this election campaign. Unfortunately for them, early voter statistics have carried no indications of the “blue wave” some commentators have predicted.

Voting has already commenced in various areas of the country. Those who cannot make it to the polls in person have been availing of mail-in ballots and early voting services. The statistics emerging from these votes show strong support for Donald Trump.


Some analysts have questioned whether Texas, a major “red” state, might break with tradition by voting for Joe Biden this year. However, halfway through the state’s early voting period, Donald Trump is clearly on track to claim its 38 electoral votes. Considering the fact that four polls had proposed Biden as the likely winner in the Lone Star state, this is a huge development.


These kinds of results are not limited to Republican states. Major Democrat counties in Michigan, a key battleground state, have shown strong support for the incumbent. Recent polls there have also suggested this trend. If Trump were to claim Michigan (a state that picked a Democrat in six consecutive elections before 2016) it would significantly bolster his bid for a second term.

The fact Trump is doing so well with early voting is surprising given the political tension around the issue. Because Republicans have fought to restrict access to mail-in voting, analysts feel Conservative voters will be over-represented on Election Day itself. This is another reason why these statistics are so significant.

Those who remember 2016’s election well might experience a sense of déjà vu when reading this story. In the lead-up to that vote, Hillary Clinton had a seemingly insurmountable lead in the polls. However, Donald Trump defied all expectations to claim victory four years ago, and he may well be on course to do it again on November 3.

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