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Donald Trump Says Democrats and RINOs Not Giving Enough Credit

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Regardless of one’s opinion of former President Donald Trump, it would be hard to deny the influence he still has in the world of politics. Trump has a lot of respect in conservative circles, and his endorsement means a huge amount to candidates right now.

Of course, not everyone is willing to admit this. On Monday, May 3, Donald Trump’s Save America PAC issued a statement, in which the former president slammed “Democrats and RINOs” for failing to give him credit for the effect his endorsement had on the recent special House election in Texas.

Trump endorsed Susan Wright (R) for the seat; her late husband Ron Wright (R) occupied it until his death in February. Wright and another Republican candidate, Jake Ellzey, will now face each other in a runoff election, having secured enough votes to lock out their Democratic opponents. 

In an area of Texas considered to be leaning more and more left, this is quite an achievement. Whatever his detractors might try to say, Donald Trump’s ability to sway political outcomes is, at this point, undeniable.

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