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Donald Trump Calls Out Attorney General to Stand up and Fight

( – President Joe Biden has occupied the Oval Office for four months now, but the debate about the validity of the election that put him there rages on. A large cohort of Conservatives believes election systems in key swing states were not robust enough to guarantee accurate results. Recently, the former president called out one of the attorneys general presiding over the case.

Maricopa County, Arizona, is the setting of one of the fiercest ongoing debates about election security. A full audit of the results there is still underway. However, Mark Brnovich, the state’s attorney general, has attracted criticism for failing to offer the effort his full support. 

On Saturday, May 22, former President Donald Trump called Brnovich out in a statement. Trump implored Brnovich to “get on the ball” and help Arizona’s GOP senators conduct the audit. He also accused the AG of “always [appearing] on television promoting himself” while failing to give coverage to election fraud, which Trump called “the Crime of the Century.”

Trump went on to claim that, unless Brnovich changes tack, “no Arizona Republican will vote for him” in his next election. Given the huge support Trump enjoys in the state, he could well be right.

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