DOJ: Mueller Team Wiped Data From Phones

DOJ: Mueller Team Wiped Data From Phones

( – On September 11, further controversy erupted in relation to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into the alleged Russian interference during the 2016 presidential election. Newly released Department of Justice (DOJ) records reveal that several dozen senior figures in the investigation wiped cell phone data that was relevant to the case. 

The information was reportedly lost in a number of ways, including damage to and loss of devices, forgotten passcodes, and intentional deletion. Many of those involved will likely claim the files were lost through innocent mistakes. However, the nature of the investigation is too severe to overlook simple slips like this. Further scrutiny of this matter is likely to have major repercussions for those involved.

There has been an increase in accusations of political motivation surrounding the Mueller Report since it was released in 2019. Despite the huge resources that were devoted to the investigation, it was unable to find any evidence of criminal activity on the part of President Donald Trump.

This is another major stain on the status of the probe. Not only has it been discredited, it could be that those involved in the hoax are attempting to cover their tracks.

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