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DNC Leads to Surprising Boost in Polls

(TheConservativeNews.org) – During the week of August 17, the Democrats put on their national convention where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris accepted the nominations of their party. Traditionally, both parties get a bump following their conventions. This year, something strange happened. It wasn’t the Dems who got the bump — it was President Trump!

On the first day of the DNC, his approval rating was 47%. Then, the daily average for Trump in the Rasmussen poll went all the way up to 51% this week, and it’s stayed there. It seems that the more Americans saw from the Democrats, the higher Trump’s approval rating went.

Then, ex-President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and a host of other prominent Democrats started firing off their best shots at Trump. No matter how hard they pounded him, the president’s poll numbers kept going up.

If Trump’s poll numbers surged this much during the DNC, just imagine how great they’ll be after next week’s Republican National Convention!

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