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Disney Executive Makes Shocking Allegations Against Disney

(TheConservativeNews.org) – When it comes to companies who partake in corporate “wokeness,” Disney has to be near the top of the pile. Lucasfilm, which Disney owns, fired The Mandalorian actress Gina Carano earlier this year over her controversial social media posts. Recently, there was even an accusation that wokeness was “ruining the experience” of Orlando’s Disney World.

It’s therefore supremely ironic that the film and media giant now finds itself at the eye of a discrimination-related storm. On Tuesday, June 1, Deadline reported that Joel Hopkins, a longstanding executive at Disney and a homosexual man, had filed a lawsuit against Disney alleging workplace discrimination. 

Hopkins claims he was mistreated in several ways after he came out as gay. He says he was passed over for promotion and paid less than other Disney employees in similar roles.

Another ironic element to this story is the fact it broke in June, which is Pride Month. Next time you see Disney waving its rainbow flags, ask yourself how serious the company really is about promoting LGBT causes.

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