Saturday, January 28, 2023

Detained American’s Family Speaks Out Against The Biden Administration…

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( – Zack Shahin is an American who has been imprisoned in the United Arab Emirates for the last 15 years.  

His family has learned that Shahin is near death and is understandably upset with the Biden administration for ignoring their pleas for help after successfully brokering Brittany Griner’s release from a Russian prison. 

The release of Griner involved the UAE. The country helped facilitate the Griner deal so the family is even more upset that the current administration isn’t doing anything to help Shahin.

“I feel like the fact that the United Arab Emirates helped broker the deal for Griner’s release was kind of a slap in the face to my family and I,” Zack’s son, Ramy Shahin told Fox News morning show co-host Rachel Campos Duffy on Sunday. “And they gave my father’s case… not an ounce of respect.”

“He’s an American citizen that’s been abandoned by the Biden administration as well as the State Department,” the younger Shahin continued. 

“Nobody has answered our plea for help, and then seeing Brittney Griner get all the attention… maybe we’re not famous enough. We’re just an ordinary American family, and they completely ignored us.

While attending a business meeting in 2008 in the UAE, Shahin was arrested and charged with fraud. After being tried and convicted, he was sentenced to 50 years plus in a prison with “horrible conditions.” 

His family maintains his innocence. Now Shahin is reportedly fighting for his life in a hospital where he’s been for the past three months. 

He has an infection that’s been spreading, has had several surgical procedures, including amputations, and is still being ignored by the White House and State Department. 

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