Democrats to Introduce Dangerous Plan for 2024 Election

Democrats to Introduce Dangerous Plan for 2024 Election

( – The shortcomings of our election systems were the defining story of the 2020 voting season. Doubts about the true outcome of the presidential vote still linger. Instead of remedying the relevant issues, the Democrats appear intent on making things worse. 

On Monday, February 22, House Democrats sponsored a bill known as the “For the People Act of 2021.” It would transfer power, in relation to electoral systems, away from individual states and vest it in the federal government, granting the duty of supervision of all electoral systems to Congress.

Analysts have pointed out the authority of states to manage their own voting systems comes from Article I of the Constitution. Therefore, it’s likely this bill would be unconstitutional. That aside, it would grant sweeping new powers to a legislature which, right now, is controlled by a single political party, and one whose commitment to the ethics of democracy is questionable at best.

The bill is set to be debated by House members next week. 

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