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Democrats Think Even Reagan Is Better Than Biden Now

( – President Biden’s approval rating continues to drop. He’s only 11 months in office, and it appears the president is becoming old news to the Democratic party. Some Democrats believe even Republican President Ronald Reagan was a better leader. 

According to the Pew Research Group, most Democrats name Barack Obama as the best president of all time. Given that information, one would think his vice president would bring in similar numbers, but such hasn’t been the case for Joe Biden. 

President Biden ranks even lower than Clinton. But the real kicker is that three of the four sources indicate Ronald Reagan actually outdoes Biden in terms of Democrats’ overall satisfaction with his performance as president. Despite the Democratic hate for Trump, the “outsider left” determined that even he has a better job rating than Biden, although only by a small lead. 

In comparison to his predecessor, Democrats like Biden less than Republicans liked Trump. More so, the study found that Democrats aren’t protective of Biden, with only 42% saying the party shouldn’t accept Democrats criticizing Biden. Imagine what that must say of Biden and the job he’s done thus far — when the people in the president’s own party would choose a Republican over him.

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