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Democrats Expected to Suffer Defeat in 2022

( – After President Joe Biden entered the White House and Democrats gained control in both chambers of Congress, it looked like it was the beginning of a torrid period for Conservatives. However, with the various blunders Liberals have committed over the last number of months, it’s really starting to look like 2022 could be a great election year for the GOP. 

On Friday, April 30, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) spoke out against HR 51, the Democrat-sponsored bill that seeks to make Washington, DC a state. Manchin, who has established himself as a staunch moderate in his hard-left party, said any such change should be made with a Constitutional amendment rather than a regular bill.

This divergence from the hard-left party leadership could be the start of a growing rift within the Democrats. This is anything but good news for them going into a midterm season, in which seven of their sitting senators are going up for reelection in hotly-contested states. Considering midterms are historically bad for powerful parties anyway, 2022 could be a huge year for the GOP.

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