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Democrats Bring Back Indoor Dining Just After Trump Leaves Office

( – Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, left-leaning commentators attacked former President Donald Trump for his perceived failure to manage the situation properly. This is despite the fact Trump largely allowed the states to form their pandemic policies.

Now that he’s left the White House, it appears several blue cities and states have decided to exercise this power a little differently. Restrictions on the opening of bars and restaurants in many Democrat-led areas began to ease over the last week. Illinois, Michigan, Baltimore, and Washington, DC, are among the areas that have announced policy changes. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) has also hinted his state’s ban on indoor dining will soon be revised.

This trend of re-openings shows just how devious Democrat politicians can be. Despite evidence that their contribution to infection rates was limited, Democrats insisted on closing bars and restaurants to push against Trump’s agenda. This crippled thousands of businesses, and may not have contributed significantly to curbing the virus’ spread.

Trump is gone, and they’ve returned to making decisions for the benefit of their citizens, for now. Of course, they’re also aware relaxing restrictions will boost the economy in the opening days of Joe Biden’s presidency. This is probably a big part of the motivation behind the move.

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