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Democrat Senator Reveals Dems Finally Want Stimulus Deal

( – A second fiscal stimulus package has been one of the most keenly awaited political developments of 2020. While partisan squabbling has delayed it several times, it looks like we may be close to a breakthrough.

On Sunday, December 6, Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) discussed ongoing bipartisan negotiations (in which he is involved) with CNN’s Jake Tapper. He said the group would have a draft agreement at some point this week.

The proposal, which is reportedly worth $908 billion, will provide assistance to airlines, small businesses, and unemployed individuals. It does not, however, contain any provision for a general stimulus check like the one granted in March.

The fact this effort comes from members of both major parties is perhaps the most encouraging detail of the story. This much-needed relief has encountered too many political roadblocks. It’s time for our representatives to act in our best interests, rather than those of their respective parties.

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