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Dem Governor Finally Does Her Job

( – There’s no way to really describe the scenes in Portland, Oregon, over the last several weeks other than to say it’s been an unmitigated disaster. Each and every night, Leftist agitators roam the streets and wreak havoc on the city. President Donald Trump was even forced to send in federal agents to protect the government’s property. 

Instead of being grateful for the help, city and state officials blamed the president for their own failures. Liberal leaders demanded he take his “stormtroopers” and go home. The commander-in-chief made it clear that wasn’t going to happen until Gov. Kate Brown (D) did her job. 

Apparently, Trump finally convinced her to earn the tax dollars she’s paid.

State Police Move In

On July 30, the Oregon State Police announced they were going to take over guarding federal property so the agents could withdraw from the city. Police Superintendent Travis Hampton released a statement to Fox News saying troopers were going to try to “de-escalate the tensions” around the US courthouse, where many of the violent clashes have taken place. 

The decision came after the Trump administration put its foot down earlier this week and made it clear the violence needs to end. In a recent tweet, the president said he’d keep his agents in the city until Brown did her job and managed the crisis herself. 

Brown must have gotten the message, and it only took two months of sustained riots to boot her into action. 

Defunding the Police

If there’s one thing the country can learn from the mess in cities like Portland, and the equally-violent Seattle, is we need robust and well-funded law enforcement agencies. Without our men and women in blue, the cities will fall and people will be in harm’s way. 

The failed radical Left experiment of the last couple of months has done an excellent job of reminding everyone why we hold the police in such high regard.

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