Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Defund the Police Backer Gets Dragged Behind Car

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( – One of the most popular (and most ridiculous) liberal catchphrases of the last year has been “defund the police.” While some simply parrot the slogan, others really follow through with it. One example is Antonio Brown, the Atlanta councilman and mayoral candidate who voted in favor of a narrowly-defeated proposal to withhold $73 million from Atlanta police earlier this year. 

After an incident this week, however, Brown may be reconsidering his disregard for the importance of policing. 

While partaking in a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Atlanta on Wednesday, May 26, he spied four children under the age of 12 getting into his white Mercedes Benz. The youths proceeded to drive away in the car while Brown gave chase, eventually grabbing and holding onto the vehicle. He said the car dragged him along for a block before he let go.

Atlanta’s police force, which Brown attempted to drain of essential funds just a few short months ago, is investigating the crime.

Don’t you just love poetic justice?

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