Customs Officers Seize Hundreds of Unauthorized COVID Test Kits

Customs Officers Seize Hundreds of Unauthorized COVID Test Kits

( – The reliability of COVID-19 testing protocols has been called into question by many commentators since the onset of the pandemic. Sometimes false positives happen, but experts believe approved testing facilities run under proper conditions are reliable most of the time. Of course, this only applies to testing kits that have been developed correctly and examined for defects by an official body. 

On Wednesday, December 9, customs officials announced the seizure of 251 unauthorized tests at San Diego International Airport. The kits, which came from Mexico, were not properly branded, and so did not meet the minimum standard for FDA approval.

Here’s a video showing what a proper test looks like.

This seizure is a testament to the dedication and skill of our border patrol operatives. However, it’s reasonable to guess there are plenty of these kinds of packages that slip through the net. If there are substandard virus tests in our hospitals and clinics, it’s possible the COVID-19 statistics in some areas are wildly inaccurate.

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