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Cows Are Being Potty Trained

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Many people look at cows as having less intelligence than other animals. However, you can apparently potty train them, and it’s no harder than teaching a toddler how to use the restroom. Scientists have already started to potty train some cows, proving it’s possible. 

Scientists claim that through the use of sweet treats and mild punishments, they could potty train 11 out of 16 cows to use an area they designated the “MooLoo.” According to the scientists, it only took 15 days of training sessions to teach the cows how to use the MooLoo when they needed to relieve themselves, faster than some children. 

Cows are a serious driving force behind greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Their urine contains nitrogen, which can create ammonia when it comes in contact with fecal matter. A cow can urinate around 8 gallons per day, and their liquid waste can emit an air pollutant called nitrous oxide, which accounts for 7% of greenhouse gases. 

The ability to potty train cows and have them do their business in a designated area will allow farmers to properly dispose of waste, avoiding more greenhouse gas emissions. The cows only learned to urinate, not poop, in specified areas, but scientists believe they can train cows to limit where they defecate as well. 

The largest problem attributing to greenhouse gas emissions for cows is the methane they release when they burp and pass gas. According to Lindsay Matthews, the study’s senior author and animal behavioral scientist at the New Zealand University of Auckland, cows would explode if they attempted to contain their gas. Scientists might not have a solution for that problem, but they believe their potty training efforts will still make a difference.

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