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Conservation Efforts May Do More Harm Than Good, Experts Say

(TheConservativeNews.org) – It’s no secret that the environment is among President Joe Biden’s top priorities. Of course, what his administration isn’t always so keen to admit is there’s a lot of fallout associated with his green strategies. When he halted progress on the Keystone XL pipeline, for instance, thousands lost their jobs. Now, it appears another of his environmental projects is getting in the way of economic progress.

The Biden administration has been doing its best to get farmers to sign up to the Conservation Reserve Program. The scheme, which has been around for decades, essentially pays farmers to leave arable land idle in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. However, because commodity prices are currently high, farmers are choosing to grow crops on the land.

That’s not the only issue. The program only entices landowners to leave land unused for 10-15 years. Once that period elapses, they can plant crops on the land once again, potentially allowing for the eradication of any benefit that accrued while the land lay empty.

Despite these issues, the Department of Agriculture has substantially increased rewards related to the program in recent months. Clearly, the administration is determined to keep pursuing this strategy, despite the fact its benefits are highly dubious.

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