CNN Under Investigation Over Ethics

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( – This year has been challenging for a lot of people, but it’s hard to think of anyone who’s had a worse time than New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo. First came the revelation that his administration was under investigation for an apparent large-scale cover-up of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes. Soon afterward, the first of what would become a series of women came forward to accuse him of sexual harassment.

Now, it appears Cuomo’s antics may be about to leave a dent in his younger brother’s career as well.

Chris Cuomo, one of the best-known faces on CNN, has found himself the subject of scrutiny. Apparently, he’s advising his brother on how to respond to the allegations of sexual impropriety made against him. 

CNN’s Response

Despite numerous shouts of outrage about this from the public, and others in the media (including Chris Cuomo’s network colleagues), CNN failed to discipline him. It now appears the media giant may be able to shirk this obligation thanks to its own vague system of rules.

On Wednesday, June 2, The Hill published details of an interview with Steve Holmes, a former ethics executive at CNN who resigned from that position in 2019. According to Holmes, CNN can avoid having to condemn Cuomo’s actions because its code of conduct does not specify what he did as an offense. 

According to Holmes, CNN does not have rules that create a situation where “a violation could be a firing offense.” Due to the fact that Cuomo did not violate any written policies (“because there aren’t any, period”), his employer isn’t obliged to consider parting company with him.

However, that doesn’t guarantee Chris Cuomo’s job is safe, either. As a member of the Left-wing media mob that has done so much to allow cancel culture to blossom, CNN may find it difficult to keep supporting Cuomo if the unforgiving glare of liberal Twitter falls on him.

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