CNN Refuses to Challenge Biden — Exposes Bias

CNN Refuses to Challenge Biden — Exposes Bias

( – Speculation about Joe Biden’s ability to handle the pressure of the toughest job in politics has been rampant over the last few weeks. On Thursday, September 17, a CNN town hall with the Democratic presidential nominee fanned these flames even more. Once Biden got in front of the camera, it quickly became obvious that CNN was doing everything in its power to keep him from getting into trouble.

The questions Biden answered were, to put it mildly, very straightforward. Almost everything he was asked was an opportunity to attack Trump, rather than offer any explanation of his own policies. It’s also come to light that the people asking Biden questions (who were presented as politically neutral) were Democratic party members. As noted in the tweet below, this is transparent partiality on the part of CNN.

Commentators have compared this event to the much more difficult town hall Donald Trump faced on ABC earlier in the week. Until Biden faces more taxing questions, many doubts about his suitability for the White House will remain.

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