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CNN Makes a List of 2024 Democratic Presidential Nominees…

( – In a show of decreasing confidence in Joe Biden, CNN has released their list of potential Democratic Presidential Nominees for 2024.  CNN starts by explaining all the reasons we already know Biden won’t make a good candidate in 2024, citing age, decreasing polls, political struggles, and bad narratives that continue to mount up for this White House.  In Turn the White House is now playing damage control claiming, “The President has every intention of running for reelection,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday.

THey go on to explain that what if Biden does change his plans, or more likely is totally run out of office…then lists out their potential candidates.  If we are being honest, it seems like the Democrats might have the weakest potential candidates in the past 60 years.  

Here is their list…

* Kamala Harris: She’s undoubtedly struggled as vice president but she’s still the most likely Democrat not named Biden to wind up as the Democratic nominee in 2024.

* Pete Buttigieg: The most naturally talented candidate in the 2024 field, “Mayor Pete” has also been front and center selling Biden’s infrastructure bill.

* Elizabeth Warren: The Massachusetts senator is still popular among liberals — and wouldn’t be splitting the vote with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders this time around like she did in 2020.

* Amy Klobuchar: Other than Buttigieg, the Minnesota senator was probably the best regarded of the losing candidates in 2020 — and her Midwest roots are always a plus given the electoral map.

* Roy Cooper: Term-limited out of office in 2024, the North Carolina governor has ample time to consider his next step — starting with his service as the vice chairman of the Democratic Governors Association.

* Mitch Landrieu: Being tasked with implementing the infrastructure bill is a big (and high-profile) job that the former New Orleans mayor has taken to with relish.

* Gina Raimondo: She made the leap from Rhode Island governor to Biden administration commerce secretary but doubts remain as to whether she is too moderate to win a Democratic primary in this moment.

* Gretchen Whitmer: The Michigan governor needs to win what could be a tough reelection race next year before she can turn to considering a national run in earnest.

* Phil Murphy: The record of New Jersey governors running for president isn’t great of late (sorry, Chris Christie!) but Murphy could use the next few years of his governorship as a testing ground for some national policies for the party.

* J.B. Pritzker: Pritzker has two things going for him — 1) He’s the governor of a major Midwestern state (Illinois) and 2) he’s very, very rich.

* Stacey Abrams: Abrams talked openly about running in 2020 before passing on the race; but she needs to win the Georgia governor’s mansion in 2022 before thinking too much about 2024.

The Democrats know that running Biden out for re-election will certainly fail based on how bad he is currently doing at running our country.  The obvious problem they have if Biden decides not to run again, is their potential list contains names worse than the current option.   The Republicans are expecting a red wave in 2022, and based off this list, that wave will continue well past 2024.


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