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CNN Claims That Critical Race Theory Isn’t That Bad, and Reports About It Are “Misinformation”

( – Critical race theory (CRT) has conservatives (and everyone else who isn’t a “woke” liberal) up in arms. The highly divisive hypothesis proposes that American society is structurally racist; that the white people who designed this nation did so in such a way that black people would always be second-best. High-profile proponents of the theory include black television magnate Robert Johnson, who, despite growing up in a society supposedly set up to make him a failure, somehow managed to become a billionaire.

Of course, when it comes to crackpot theories that present white Americans as the devil incarnate, no media organization is more willing to act as a platform than CNN. Unsurprisingly, the network has now rushed to the defense of critical race theory.

“Misinformation” & “Propaganda”

On Tuesday, July 6, CNN contributor Elle Reeve slammed conservatives for speaking out against critical race theory. She said the “conflict” over CRT had only arisen because of “misinformation” and “propaganda” from right-wing commentators. 

Continuing, Reeve spoke to a high school teacher who gives her anthropology students instruction on the principles of CRT. She then blamed critics of CRT for inciting “fear” in white parents, referring to a woman she had seen crying because she thought her child would learn to be ashamed of their whiteness.

She attempted to defend her position by saying CRT refers to large-scale, societal racism, rather than individual bigotry. She then discussed a sense of “panic that… white children are under attack,” suggesting this is not truly the case.

Why Reeve Got It Wrong

There are a number of problems with what Elle Reeve said. Firstly, and probably most importantly, critical race theory sends a message of disempowerment to ambitious young people of African descent. Why would you bother working hard to improve your life when a corrupt, racist system will simply transfer the fruits of your labor to a white person? 

Secondly, despite Reeve’s insistence that the CRT discussion should not result in attacks on white people, this is an inevitable consequence of the theory’s proliferation, particularly in schools. Do you think an eight-year-old is likely to appreciate the nuances of an argument like Reeve’s? Or, instead, will they simply learn to hate the people their education system tells them have acted as their oppressors for centuries? The second outcome is far more likely.

So, there you have it. CNN has once again decided to push a popular (profitable) narrative rather than giving its viewers a balanced view of the facts. Why does anyone still watch this network?

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