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CNN Calls Joe Biden Out for Lying to America

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Mainstream media outlets are no strangers to biased coverage of the news, and CNN is perhaps the worst offender. The network goes after Conservatives with tireless enthusiasm, but generally maintains a blind spot when it comes to the faults and failings of Democrats. This week, however, CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale was forced to break with that tradition. 

On Tuesday, May 11, CNN published a fact-check Dale wrote on President Joe Biden’s claim that five former heads of the Federal Reserve said his American Jobs Plan would increase economic growth. Biden made this statement during a White House speech. However, as the fact-check points out, it’s completely false.

First, there aren’t even five past leaders of the Fed still alive. Biden was mistakenly referring to IRS chiefs, five of whom had written an opinion piece about the plan in the Washington Post. While they spoke positively about the legislation, they did not discuss its likely impact on economic growth.

Is Joe Biden’s incompetence so profound that even CNN is turning on him? 

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